Mistura is a workshop that proposes an assemblage game using elements that are at hand. The workshop aims to forge a ritual between women and plants, and to think about a choreographic mixture - like a play on words used by the Italian philosopher Emanuele Coccia (2018) who suggests a metaphysics of mixture. Using dance/choreography to make alternatives to interspecific, feral, non-human worlds, as a form of resistance to the Anthropocene/Plantationcene/Capitolocene, bringing together perspectives that point to cosmopolitics from other ways of being in the world: stems, roots, sap, leaves, flowers and fruits.
A choreography of women interested in finding possible alliances between clothes, objects and plants. "Affective alliances", as Ailton Krenak would say, based on improbable everyday life. Impossible kinships and neighborhoods. Transforming oneself in order to make other arrangements and imagine futures and rituals of counter-domestication.
| 2020, live-performance, 30' |
As if in a pandemic dream, the purpose of this live/performance is to activate a desire for the forest in the unlikely space of the living room. Starting with the body, fiction, plants and objects, the experience recovers forms of action present both in the pluralism of original knowledge and in reforestation practices. In an attempt to make a cross, what is presented is a movement towards the capacity to enchant the world as a strategy for redesigning the real and the present. The dream of regeneration, healing, feasting and abundance as a way out of the monoculture desert. Transforming the body, the room, dance, the city, Brazil, the world, relationships, the future, fear, the virus, affections, the market, crossroads and desire into a FOREST.
BANDEIRA is a choreographic manifestation for urban territories. It is an attempt to open up paths at crossroads in deforested spaces and propose a look at the contradictions of the life we choose to live. It's a game of putting the body together with a discourse. The flag: in the midst of so many, raised especially in the last year, the object that speaks and, at the same time, mirrors the idealism we are fighting for. Symbol of the enunciation of desire: there are many struggles and many captures. Here we have chosen one that is most urgent and allows life to be lived on Earth: the tree.

The creation took place during the year 2022, in Brazil, between elections, the World Cup and wars. The desire was to investigate, through dance, affection and care in order to transform the city into a forest, to allow the rivers to flow, the sea to invade the asphalt, the earth to breathe rain and the flowers to attract the attention of bees. Dances to bring life closer to life, restore presences and invent refuges against destruction.

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