Historia del ojo: un cuento de hadas porno-noir
Inspired by Georges Bataille's famous novel "História do Olho", Janaina Leite continues her research on theater and pornography. With 12 performers on stage, among amateurs and professionals, some of them sex workers, the hybrid spectacle between fiction and nonfiction, adopts the very structure of "History of the Eye" divided into "fable" and "reminiscences" to tell the story of three teenagers in their sexual discoveries.
The answers to the question "What is your relationship with pornography?" is what allows the intersection between Bataille's fable and the sexual experiences and practices of the performers.
Between the ostentatious and explicit theatricality of pornography, the play recreates this fable noir between the vulgar and the sublime, the mundane and the cosmic, the ordinary and the abyssal.
During the intermission of the play, the cast performs a live music show mixed with pornographic performances. In the end, Janaina joins the stage as director-performer to share the surprising chapter Reminiscences, in which Bataille tells the biographical origins that aroused the writing of the book, revealing the author his own pornographic alter ego.
The work merges art and technology, live performance and 3D reality, to explore and question the boundaries of what we know today by "human consciousness" manifested in threshold experiences. Created by Janaina Leite in collaboration with Pedro Jardim, founder of the Anitya metaverse platform, the project also counts on Rafael Steinhauser, Ultra Martini, Lara Duarte and André Medeiros Martins as collaborators.

Metaverse and psychosis are the triggers to be explored in the “Deeper” project, that received a grant for research and creation of a Metaverse experience by the Brazilian cultural foundation Itaú Cultural through the public tender "Arte no Metaverso".
A first demo version of Deeper will be presented in Edinburgh, Scottland, in August 2023 at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in the frame of the project Voices from the South, followed by a live public presentation in Sao Paulo. Brazil, in November 2023.
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