ERUPTION - the revolt isn't over yet.
In its second show, the collective Occupation creates a choreography of the impossible, a scene from Party and War, based on the image that runs through us: What is the end of the world for worlds that have already ended long ago?
Throughout the piece, 16 performers transfigure themselves into beings from different cosmologies, modifying their bodies to transmute themselves into other worlds.
ColetivA's dance is born from the search for the body that carries a memory, the words are redistributed from their ancestral memories, which provoke a presentification, an uprising of the dead. The eruption is what we have in common, rebellious bodies that revolve in the tremors of the experience of coloniality in a context of struggle between the past, the present and the future. Taking back the scene. Taking back the land.

Gabi Gonçalves -
+55 11 94174-3067
Ariane Cuminale -
+55 11 98855-7589
Rodrigo Fidelis -
+55 11 98507-6038
Quando Quebra Queima (When It Breaks It Burns) is an intervention, a cry, a fight, a dance composed by different bodies and desires: these sixteen activists and performers, ColetivA Ocupação pulsate and compose a new movement using their lives and experiences which were changed forever. They use dance, song and music to give shape to their story, creating a new space and a new dramaturgy out of recent political events in Brazil. The audience are placed up close to the performers, the space is in constant transformation around them as real life invades the stage. Quando Quebra Queima is a spectacle, a party, an action, an uprising.