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Created in 2017 by students, performers and artists who met during the secondary school movement and public school occupations in São Paulo between 2015 and 2016.

From the encounter between rebellion and theater, between training and creation, the collective Occupation was born as a territory for investigating different languages, gestures and narratives based on the urgent uprisings and struggles of our time: bodies in revolt, now occupying new spaces.

The group's first creation was the performance "Só me convidem para uma revolução onde eu posso dançar" (Only invite me to a revolution where I can dance), which had its first presentation at the Performando Oposições meeting organized by Casa do Povo and then at MIT, the São Paulo International Theatre Festival in 2017.

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Lia Rodrigues was born in 1956 in São Paulo, Brazil, where she studied classical ballet and history at USP. In 1977, she was one of the founders of the independent contemporary dance group Andança, winner of the APCA award in 1978. Between 1980 and 1982, she worked at Compagnie Maguy Marin in France, where she took part in the creation of 'May B', one of the most celebrated contemporary dance shows.

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The word "enchanted", from the Latin incantatus, means something that is or has been the object of an enchantment or magic spell. Enchanted is also synonymous with amazed, dazzled or fascinated and is also an expression of social greeting. In Brazil, encantado also has other meanings. The term refers to entities that belong to Afro-indigenous ways of perceiving the world. The enchanted, animated by unknown forces, move between heaven and earth, in jungles, on rocks, in sweet and salty waters, on dunes, in plants, transforming them into sacred places. They are beings who pass through time and transmute into different expressions of nature. They have not experienced death, but have moved on to another plane, gaining magical attributions of protection and healing. In this way, the predatory actions that threaten life on Earth, the systematic destruction of forests, rivers and seas also have an impact on the existence of the Encantados. There is no separating the enchanted from nature or nature from these beings. How can we enchant our fears and place ourselves in the collective, close to each other? How can we enchant our surroundings, images, dances and landscapes and transform them into our bodies and ideas? How do we enter into enchantment and couple ourselves and the environment in varied arrangements and meet living beings in all their diversity?

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Graduated in Social Sciences. Founder of Monart (National Movement of Trans Artists),
of the "Trans Representation Manifesto" (which aims to include transvestite/trans bodies in artistic
artistic spaces and calls for a break with the practice of Trans Fake - cisgender artists playing
cisgender artists playing transvestite characters).
As a transpologist (trans anthropologist), she has been studying the transvestite/trans body since 2007, when she became a
she became a volunteer agent for the prevention of STIs, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis for the Santos Municipal Health Department.
Municipal Health Department of Santos, working specifically with transvestites and
transsexuals in prostitution, the same year she became a transvestite.
This transpology points to the social, media, criminal, hypersexualizing,
pathological, religious and moral construction that permeates transvestite bodies, where art and,
artists were/are also responsible for the construction of this common sense
common sense imaginary.
The artist places her transvestite body as the subject and object of research, debating/denouncing
the absence of these bodies in artistic spaces.
Marcelo Evelin is a dancer, choreographer and researcher. He lives between Teresina and Amsterdam and works in Brazil, Japan and several European countries as an independent artist at the head of Plataforma Demolition Incorporada, based at CAMPO, a space for Residency and Resistance in the Performing Arts in Teresina, Piaui. His shows "De Repente Fica Tudo Preto de Gente", "Batucada" and "A Invenção da Maldade" are currently touring theaters and festivals around the world. He has been teaching at the Amsterdam School of Arts since 1999 and has been creating projects at universities and master's programs, including ISAC (Brussels), Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid), EXERCE (Montpellier) and CND (Paris). In 2019 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Federal University of Piauí. In 2020 he created "And Yes, I sad Yes, I will Yes" for Coroline Eckly/Compania Carte Blanche (Bergen, Norway), "Drama" for La Manufacture (Lausanne, Switzerland), "La Nuit Tombe Quand Elle Veut" (Rennes, France) in collaboration with Latifa Laabissi, and re-presented his solo "ai, ai, ai" (1995) at the Festival d'Automne in Paris. In 2022 he recreated the performance event BARRICADA for the Transborda Festival (Almada, Portugal) and premiered UIRAPURU, the latest creation by Plataforma Demolition Incorporada.
THE CENA 11 CIA. DE DANÇA develops and shares technical tools based on the relationship between the body, environment
environment, subject and object as variables of the same living system that exists as dance. Its research and training projects bring together theory and practice in the understanding of dance and cross the definitions of the body, treating technology as an extension and expansion of the body itself. The company, directed by Alejandro Ahmed, originated and is based in the city of Florianópolis - SC and has been active since 1995 in the artistic production of dance, having become a national and international reference in the area. A creative nucleus with training in various areas forms the basis for an artistic production in which the idea needs to expand into a body and be organized as dance. Through a stable cast, the group proposes collective organization through the singularities of the cast. In recent years, with the shows "Skinnerbox" (2005) and "Pequenas frestas de ficção sobre realidade insistente" (2007), the Group proposed that its choreographic production should be treated as a process in constant development, with the artistic formulations it brings to the public as the levels of stability. In 2008, with the Exchange Project between Grupo Cena 11 (Brazil - Santa Catarina) and Impure Company (Norway), the company's forms of creation and research have come to effectively consider in their dynamics the experiences exchanged with groups from abroad and Brazil, formulating compositional products in continuous development. This path of research was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit 2014 by the Ministry of Culture and the Federal Government. It has been awarded by the APCA (São Paulo Association of Dance Critics) four times - 2014, 2012, 2007 and 1997 - and also by the Bravo Award, Sérgio Motta Art and Technology Award, Transmídia Itaú Cultural, Bolsa Vitae and Rumos Itaú Cultural. Grupo Cena 11's central research object is the way in which the body is controlled, defined as both subject and object of itself through movement. It is in dance that the company proposes that questions be developed and new ones proposed. At this point, the definitions of body, dance and choreography develop investigations into coexistence, difference, trace and continuity. How to continue enabling the body to be a collective. Not a set of individualities, but an individual of collectivity. A body that is impossible to understand alone.
It's a conflict, an explosion, a premeditated act to involve the other, where the public takes risks to take the selfie of the day. It bears witness to shared violence and disposable bodies in Brazil. The inequality of social positions and the friction generated from this, the raw part of situations, colors and values. The bullshit in the Planalto Palace, the neighbor's, the breaking battle. Dirceu's bullshit with the other quebradas and our own bullshit that brings dance as a positioning in the world. The movements of this dance are the expression of molecules of what actually happens, of the reality of the body and of everyday life. tReta is a creation of the Original Bomber Crew, Teresina - Piauí - Brazil.

Original Bomber Crew [OBC] is the breaking element of the Piauí hip hop group Interação Ralé. With participations in festivals, battles and national and international meetings, it is an organization that practices, researches and produces hip hop culture. OBC has been active since 2005 and is a reference in Piauí for training in street dance. It currently occupies the Casa do Hip Hop in Teresina with other artists from the city, developing creations in shows, performances, battles, urban interventions, festivals and dance workshops in Piauí and neighboring states. Since 2018 she has been a resident at Casa de Produção / Campo Arte. Together with Panorama Raft 2021 and its international partners, she produced the video series VAPOR-Ocupação Infiltrável. In 2023, he will premiere the solos Click, Preto Correndo, Maior que Eu and the newest in-person group creation, which starts from Vapor.